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3D Dynamics โปรแกรมเสริมสำหรับการวิเคราะห์แบบ
โมดูล 3D Dynamics เป็นโมดูลเสริมสำหรับโปรแกรม PLAXIS 3D สำหรับแรงกระทำจากแผ่นดินไหว

Geotechnical applications require advanced constitutive models for the simulation of the non linear, time dependent and anisotropic behaviour of soils and/or rock. Although the modelling of the soil itself is an important issue, many projects involve the modelling of structures and the interaction between the structures and the soil. The Dynamics module offers the tools to analyse the propagation of waves through the soil and their influence on structures. This allows for the analysis of seismic loading as well as vibrations due to construction activities. PLAXIS Dynamics offers the possibility to perform dynamic calculations in individual calculation phases.

Features include:
Rayleigh damping for soil and structure elements
Absorbing boundaries
Baseline correction for accelerograms
Free field boundary conditions
Liquefaction analysis
Different dynamic loading types: harmonic, table, SMC structured data
Independant multipliers for loads, diplacements, velocities, accelerations for x, y and z direction.
Post-liquefaction analysis is possible. Full access to staged construction mode

Minimal Requirement

  • System: Windows® XP Professional 32-bit
  • USB Port:
  • Graphics card: 256 MB OpenGL 1.3
  • Processor: dual-core
  • Hard disk where files are saved*1: 1 GB
  • Workspace (WINTEMP folder)*2: 10 GB
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 2 GB
  • Video modes: 1024 x 768 pixels, 32 bit colour palette


  • System: Windows® 7 Professional 64-bit
  • USB Port:
  • Graphics card:
  • Processor: quad-core
  • Hard disk where files are saved*1:
  • Workspace (WINTEMP folder)*2: > 50 GB
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): > 4 GB free
  • Video modes: 1280 x 900 pixels

*1 Do not to store the data on the Windows partition.
*2 Set the Windows TEMP folder to the same partition as where the PLAXIS files are stored.

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