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e-on software เป็นโปรแกรมสำหรับสร้างภาพกราฟิกให้เสมือนจริงแบบมืออาชีพ ที่ทำงานได้ง่าย รวดเร็ว ราคาประหยัด ซึ่งเหมาะกับสถาปนิก นักสร้างกราฟิก นักออกแบบผลิตภัณฑ์ การสร้างภูมิทัศน์

โปรแกรม e-on software ช่วยสร้างกราฟิกให้กับภาพยนต์ชื่อดังหลายเรื่องเช่น Avatar, Indiana Jones เป็นต้น

ท่านสามารถดูรายละเอียดโปรแกรมได้ ที่นี่

Imagine a forest, with trees realistically swaying in the wind. Not 10 or 50 or 100 trees. A real forest, with hundreds of thousands of animated trees...

Imagine an airplane flying at high speed over a gorgeous range of mountains and canyons, dotted with rocks and plants. A terrain that stretches on and on, seemingly endless, yet always detailed and realistic…

How long will it take you to create, set up and animate such sequences in your 3D application?

Vue lets you do all this in a breeze. It offers a dedicated toolset that’s specifically designed to handle extremely complex, high-poly natural 3D environments.

Choose either Infinite, the stand-alone version with professional compositing and synchronization tools, or xStream, the integrated solution, which lets you create and animate Vue environments directly inside 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D and Softimage.

Recommended products for animators:
Vue Infinite
Vue xStream
Carbon Scatter

  Highlights for Animators
  •   • All SolidGrowth™ plants can be animated – wind, breeze, fluttering leaves, growth and decay
  •   • Ventilators for local animated wind effects
  •   • EcoSystems™ – populate scenes with millions of plants, rocks and objects in one click
  •   • Breeze animation can be applied to entire EcoSystems
  •   • Inetracively paint EcoSystems
  •   • SolidGrowth4 - flicker-free rendering of dense vegetation
  •   • Spectral atmospheres - all atmospheric elements and volumetric clouds can be animated
  •   • Procedural terrains – LOD is dynamically updated according to distance from camera
  •   • Full keyframe animation with adjustable time-curves, tangents and interpolation
  •   • Motion designer – quick path-based animation with automatic secondary motion
  •   • Automatic baking of indirect illumination
  •   • 2.5D fast motion blur and DOF
  •   • Network rendering, stand-alone renderer, remote rendering for renderfarms
  •   • G-buffer and multi-pass rendering
  •   • Full intergation with 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, C4D and Softimage (xStream only)
Cad applications are invaluable for drafting and design, but might fall short on render quality. Other 3D programs may offer high-end rendering, but usually have a steep learning curve and lack the tools you need to easily set up natural surroundings.

Vue offers a complete solution for architects and visualization artists. It effectively combines a full-featured professional render engine with Vue’s renowned ease of use.

Recommended products for architectural visualization :
Vue Infinite
Vue xStream
LumentRT 2
Ozone 5

  Highlights for Architects
  •   • Extensive import capabilities – supports most widely used 3D formats
  •   • Hundreds of preset atmospheres, plants and materials
  •   • SolidGrowth™ 3D vegetation – no two plants of the same species look alike
  •   • EcoSystems™ – populate scenes with millions of plants and rocks in one click
  •   • Paint and modify EcoSystems interactively
  •   • hyper-realistic skies, clouds, outdoor and indoor lighting
  •   • High-end render engine with professional quality output
  •   • Global illumination, radiosity, area lights, image-based lighting and HDRI
  •   • Realistic procedural materials – no tiling problems
  •   • High amplitude displacement mapping
  •   • Easily create walkthrough animations with the motion designer
  •   • Multi-pass rendering with Photoshop export for easy compositing and post processing
As a matte painter, you know how hard it is to create rich and detailed natural scenery. Jungles, forests, terrains… reproducing the complexity of nature requires a lot of work and attention to detail. And if you do it in 3D, it will also require huge polygon counts, which will slow most 3D programs to a crawl.

Vue is a matte painter’s heaven. With sophisticated features such as EcoSystem painting, procedural terrains, Spectral atmospheres, and SolidGrowth plants, it handles even the most demanding, highly-detailed environments with unmatched ease. Give it a go, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Recommended products for Matte Painters :
Vue Infinite
Vue xStream
Carbon Scatter
Ozone 5

  Highlights for Matte Painting
  •   • EcoSystems™ – Instantly populate scenes with millions of plants and rocks
  •   • EcoSystems easily handle billions of polygons
  •   • Paint, erase, modify and rescale EcoSystems interactively.
  •   • SolidGrowth™ vegetation – no two plants of the same species look alike
  •   • Modify SolidGrowth plants; create your own SolidGrowth species
  •   • Plants can be animated with wind and breeze.
  •   • Entire EcoSystems will automatically flutter and sway in the breeze
  •   • Procedural terrains with unlimited level of detail
  •   • Tablet-sensitive terrain carving
  •   • Standard, volumetric, Spectral and environment-mapped atmospheres
  •   • GI, radiosity, and image based lighting with HDRI support
  •   • G-buffer and multi-pass rendering with Photoshop output
  •   • Export entire scenes as panoramic HDR images
  •   • Create, edit and render complete Vue environments in 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, C4D and
As an artist, you want to realize your visions without being bogged down by cryptic menus and steep learning curves. To be artistic rather than technical. To create rather than figure out how to use the software. To get the best of 3D without the headache:)

Vue is widely used by artists around the world because it provides that perfect balance between a rich feature set and unmatched ease of use. And it comes in 3 different families, so whether you are a 3D enthusiast, a 3D artist or a CG professional, you’ll find the right program to fit your needs.

Recommended products for artists :
Vue Pioneer
Vue Esprit
Vue Studio
Vue Complete
Vue Infinite

  Highlights for Artists
  •   • Clear interface - easy to master - intuitive workflow
  •   • Hundreds of preset atmospheres, plants, materials and objects to get you going fast
  •   • High-quality renderer – from soft “painterly” style to crisp realism
  •   • Powerful Spectral atmosphere engine with volumetric clouds
  •   • global illumination, radiosity and imaged-based lighting*
  •   • Sub-surface scattering, displacement mapping, caustics
  •   • Extensive import capabilities and tight Poser integration
  •   • Tablet-driven terrain carving
  •   • SolidGrowth™ plant generation - no two plants look exactly alike
  •   • EcoSystems™ - populate your scenes with millions of plants, rocks or any object in
       one click*
  •   • Interactively paint and modify EcoSystems*
  •   • Unlimited render resolution - for any printing job*
  •   • Extensive compositing tools with Photoshop support for post-processing and
If you design and model your products in CAD applications, you need a professional-quality render platform. But you definitely don't need a steep learning curve!

Vue offers an attractive balance between state-of-the-art rendering features and immediate usability that make it a true alternative to high-priced rendering applications.

With Vue, you can easily import fully textured models (or take advantage of Vue’s own powerful material editor), quickly set up the lighting and rendering options, and produce stunning product presentations in no time.

Recommended software for product visualization :
Vue Infinite
Vue xStream

  Highlights for Product Visualization
  •   • Extensive import capabilities
  •   • Dynamic update of modifications made in the CAD app
  •   • Global illumination, radiosity, area lights and Image-based lighting
  •   • Easy setup of lighting and rendering
  •   • Realistic outdoor lighting and natural environments
  •   • Large selection of realistic materials
  •   • Sub-surface scattering, displacement mapping, caustics
Detailed natural landscapes with high-resolution terrains and realistic vegetation can quickly reach huge polygon counts. While most 3D programs crack under such load, Vue is designed to handle billions of polygons with ease.

Vue offers high-end tools for creating and editing terrains, scattering vegetation and rendering truly spectacular, realistic environments.

If you create landscape visualizations for civil engineering, land planning, environmental or geographical research, you’ll love the extensive toolset and ease of use of Vue!

Recommended products :
Vue Infinite
Vue xStream
Carbon Scatter

  Highlights for Landscape Visualization
  •   • Generate terrains with USGS Dem data or Height maps
  •   • Shape terrains interactively
  •   • Over 20 erosion and geological effects
  •   • Procedural terrains with unlimited level of detail
  •   • EcoSystems™ – Instantly populate scenes with millions of plants and rocks according to geographic datasets
  •   • Interactively Paint and modify EcoSystems - add vegetation exactly where you need it
  •   • Ultra-realistic Spectral atmospheres & volumetric clouds
  •   • Accurate outdoor lighting with global illumination
  •   • SolidGrowth plants – no two plants of the same species look alike
  •   • Extensive import/export
  •   • G-buffer and multi-pass rendering for compositing
  •   • Full Maya, 3ds Max, Lightwave, C4D and XSI integration*
3D graphics and animation studies are rapidly becoming part of many educational programs, not just in professional institutions, but in high schools and primary schools as well.

E-on products offer a unique blend of ease of use and sophistication, and the three different Vue versions will suit all levels of education, from primary school to academic courses.

Recommended products for education :
Vue Pioneer
Vue Infinite
Vue xStream

Note: Due to activation restrictions, Vue Pioneer is not fit for classroom use. If you are a school and want to install Vue in your computer lab, we recomend that you choose a Vue Infinite or Vue xStream Educational License rather than installing Vue Pioneer.

  Highlights for education
  •   • 3 different versions of Vue to fit all educational levels (including a free version)
  •   • Easy to use and intuitive
  •   • Fast learning curve
  •   • Hundreds of presets for a quick start
  •   • Classic interface allows a smooth transition towards other 3D software
  •   • The perfect program to explore and visualize natural phenomena in 3D
  •   • Used in professional production houses around the world
  •   • Inexpensive

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