Lyceum 2021 Global Event - 22 September

Asia Pacific - 23 September

North America - 23 September

Latin America - 28 September - Portuguese & Spanish

Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia - 30 September - English & Russian


Featuring 90+ industry speakers, 2 thought leadership keynote sessions, live-streaming and roundtables; together with 6 solution zones and 30+ tricks and tips on-demand - Lyceum has something for everyone.




Analysing high resolution consistent data for structural geology and geotechnical studies

Anthony Reed, Senior Structural Project Geologist, Mining One


Collaborative geological modelling using Seequent Central

Richard Tully, Resource Geology Superintendent, Gold Fields Australia


Using Leapfrog Geo and Edge to systematie internal resource estimation reviews at SolGold’s Cascabel Project

Benn Whistler, Technical Services Manager, SolGold plc

Steven Law, Senior Project Geologist, Seequent


How GHD enhanced its 3D geological modelling capability by combining its globally connected network with Seequent’s Central software

Christopher Bennett, Geology Service Line Leader, APAC, GHD


Visualisation and clash detection using Leapfrog Works: Ground stabilisation measures at Forrestfield Airport Link, Perth

Jared Jiang, Senior Engineering Geologist, Mott MacDonald NZ


Geothermal in Australia, the hydrogeology of the popular baths at Mornington Peninsula

Martin Pujol, Principal Geothermal Hydrogeologist, Rockwater


A BIM-based ground information management (GIM) framework to manage ground risk for construction projects

Didi Mak, Digital Transformation Lead, Llewellyn and Partners Company Limited


Panel Discussion

A panel discussion on how exploration geoscientists are informing geological models with iterative geophysical modelling.

Katherine Mckenna, Principal Geophysicist, Mineral Exploration Australasia, BHP

Dr Teagan Blaikie, Research Scientist, CSIRO

Steven Kuhn, Senior Geophysicist, Fortescue Metals Group

Barry Bourne, Principal Consultant, Terra Resources



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