ADAPT ABI : Bridge Design Software with 4D Construction Sequencing and Time-Dependency

Product Overview

ADAPT-ABI 2019 is a special-purpose program developed for the design and analysis of prestressed concrete bridges built either segmentally or conventionally. It provides information for geometry and stress control during construction, as well as design values for service load. ADAPT-ABI has been serving bridge design engineers worldwide for over twenty years, and has provided the foundation for analysis of many notable bridges.

Featuring a 3D modeling interface, and intuitive 4D construction sequencing capabilities, this next generation ADAPT-ABI delivers unparalleled modeling ease and speed.

Packed with a full range of powerful modeling and analysis capabilities, ADAPT-ABI is a practical tool bridge engineers can use to rapidly evaluate design options and shorten project delivery times.

ADAPT-ABI extension modules included with every license:

  • ADAPT-Moving Load
  • ADAPT-Elongation

Product Details

ADAPT-ABI is a general finite element program which performs 4D time-dependent analysis of concrete bridges and frames during and after the construction phase. ABI can investigate the effect of newly placed concrete, creep, shrinkage, and relaxation in prestressing over time, aging of concrete, and variation in temperature. Its excellent graphical interface can display moments, shears, stresses, and deformations for various stages of construction. The software can handle nonprestressed concrete, precast, cast-in-place, pre-tensioned or post-tensioned frames. The software is intended for incrementally constructed bridges and frames; retrofit of concrete frames where new concrete is added, new members are added or existing members are modified; and demolition (reverse construction) of frames. Other applications include composite construction and cable-stay structures. The basic module of the software (ADAPT-ABI Basic) is self-contained and complete. Other modules enhance the capabilities of the basic program.

These are:

ADAPT-Moving Load Module

  • The moving load module is developed primarily for bridge construction. Using the software's library of the most common truck or train loads, or a user-defined library, the program automatically moves the loading along a user-defined path and generates an envelope of sectional actions for combination with other loading. The moving load module of ABI is general and comprehensive. It is designed to cover all foreseeable conditions in bridge design.

  • Versatile Moving Load GeneratorVirtually any arrangement of moving loads
  • Multiple travel paths, continuous or interrupted
  • Multiple lanes
  • Pre-defined moving load libraries
  •    AASHTO library
  •    BS 5400
  •    European code and other libraries
  •    Locomotives
  •    Trains
  •    Exceptional wagons
  •    Permit loads
  • User defined load library
  • Each load can have its own distribution and impact factor
  • Ability to disregard unfavorable contribution of wheel loads
  • Envelope of maximum moment with associated shear
  • Combination of moving load with self-weight, superimposed dead load and other load
  • Influence lines for deflection, moment, shear and axial loading
  • Comprehensive and clear manual

ADAPT- Elongation Module (includes friction and stress loss)

At the completion of an ADAPT-ABI computer run, and without any additional input data, this module calculates the elongation of each of the tendons at stressing and the associated stress losses. The stress losses include the effects of friction and the time-dependent parameters of creep, shrinkage, and relaxation in prestressing.


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