ADAPT Builder 2019 New Features

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ADAPT Builder 2019 New Features

ADAPT Builder 2019 

New Features :



Stop struggling with  Ramps

  • Model and analyze ramps
  • Include sloped beams
  • Ramps connect to columns at mid-depth
  • Get more accurate lateral analysis results
  • Develop correct reactions in short columns


Use Builder for detailed 2nd order analysis

  • Flexibly obtain batch or single solutions for P-Delta
  • Graphical and XLS reporting of
  • Drift
  • Moment amplification between 1st and 2nd order results
  • Column forces
  • Frame forces
  • Slab forces
  • Integrated column design

Optimized Design Workflow:

  • Complete slab designs faster than everNew flexible support line algorithm
  • Enhanced support line wizard
  • Automated wall boundary detection
  • Apply splitter anywhere to set tributary boundary
  • Option for beam flange width
  • Design section spacing options

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